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AACCI calls on Government to enforce the Law

The Archerfield Airport Chamber of Commerce Inc. has called on the Federal Government to enforce its own legislation and help protect the future and safety of Archerfield Airport.

The Chamber said the airport operator was breaking the terms of the lease they have with the Federal Government, and development surrounding the airport was breaching air safety regulations.

Archerfield Airport is the second largest airport in the Brisbane area, and a vital link in the Queensland aviation industry chain.

The Chamber said:

  • The Australian Government is not enforcing the letter or the spirit of their own laws to lease Archerfield Airport, and;
  • The Australian Government is not enforcing the terms or the spirit of the lease terms from the Australian Government to the airport operators, and:
  • Developments on Archerfield airport do not conform to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s Civil Aviation Safety Regulations.
  • The Australian Government is failing to guard the rights of the aviation sector, as nominally guaranteed under the Act and Lease terms.

The combined effect of the above has been to seriously damage current and future prospects for aviation use of Archerfield Airport, and to restrict aviation retention and expansion, in favour of non-aviation related real estate development.

Archerfield Airport, as an airport, is critical to aviation in Queensland, and the future development of aviation in Queensland. The lack of Australian Government enforcement of the Act and lease terms threatens to limit further development of aviation business and employment, and to limit vitally needed aviation skills training, manufacturing and exports, both nationally and internationally.

The rapid development of the aviation sector in Queensland has been a bright spot in Australian aviation in recent years; present Australian Government inaction at Archerfield threatens that continued rapid development.

A delegation from the Chamber recently met with Shadow Minister for Transport Roads and Tourism, Mr Martin Ferguson, AM MP, presenting him with a substantial selection of documents to illustrate the view of the Chamber, that the effect of the Australian Government “light hands” approach to leased airports is the prime cause of present difficulties for the aviation sector at Archerfield.

After meeting with the delegation, Mr. Ferguson has agreed to meet the membership and the full committee of the Chamber, and other members of the aviation community at a public meeting at Archerfield to hear their concerns.


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Monday 28th May 2007
Media Contact:
Executive Officer
Mr Ross Steele