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General Aviation Industry Joint Media Release


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GA Industry Condemns Minister Albanese Over Safety Hypocrisy.

(Download Media Release - pdf logopdf 69kb)

(Download Media Release [with attachments] - pdf logopdf 2.71mb)


a) Hansard

    • Hansard Extract – Minister Albanese 2nd Reading Speech Airports Amendment Bill 2010 [ 30th September 2010]:
      (Download - pdf logopdf 34kb)

    • Explanatory Memorandum:
      (Download - pdf logopdf 90kb)

    • Explanatory Memorandum - corrections:
      (Download - pdf logopdf 16kb)

b) Minister Albanese

    • Extract of National Aviation Policy Statement - page 174.

      Inappropriate developments at the end of runways are specifically identified.
      (Download - pdf logopdf 370kb)

    • Link to Minister's website and speech -

      Opening of CASA Building Brisbane "...I repeat nothing is as important in aviation as safety..."

      (Click here for Link - opens in new window)

c) Department of Infrastructure and Transport

    • Response on Behalf of Minister Albanese to AACCI letters:
      (Download - pdf logopdf 1.18mb)

3. AACCInc - Technical Papers

a) A Technical Appraisal of Air Operations from Runway 28R/10L Archerfield Airport – Brisbane

    • PDF Version with attachments
      (Download - pdf logopdf 34kb)

    • Word Version – no attachments
      (Download - pdf 174kb)

b) ATSB report of Operations from 28R/10L Archerfield Airport

(Download - pdf logo 490kb)

c) Extract of Archerfield Airport 2011-2031 Draft Master Plan currently before Minister Albanese

Identifies proposed use of Public Safety Area for more Industrial and other development - contrary to State safety laws.

(Download - jpg 150kb)

d) Airports and Compatible Land Use Guide

Includes General Aviation Accident Distribution Contours in evaluating airport safety concerns.

(Download - pdf logo pdf 2.97mb)

e) Queensland State Planning Policy SP1/02

(Download - pdf logo pdf 137kb)

4. AACCInc - Letter

Legal letter to Minister Albanese plus letter to Building Control Officer, Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

(Download - pdf logopdf 824kb)

5. Department of Infrastructure and Transport

Response on behalf of Minister Albanese to AACCI letters.

(Download - pdf logopdf 1.18mb)

6. VIDEOS - Youtube Links

a) “Archerfield Airport – Government & CASA Pasting Over Airport Safety Issues”

b) "Minister Anthony Albanese - What I Say v What I Do”

7. TV Station Downloads (Care! Large files. Only download if Youtube links are not sufficient)

These high definition versions of the two above videos in a format suitable for public television broadcasting. Preview available in YouTube - refer above.

Archerfield Airport (94mb) - Right click and select 'Save Link as' to download.

What I Say v What I Do (245mb) - Right click and select 'Save Link as' to download.