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GA Industry Condemns Minister Albanese Over Safety Hypocrisy

Decisions made by Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Hon Anthony Albanese have made Brisbane’s Archerfield Airport more dangerous. The Minister permitted a development inside the “Public Safety Area” of the airport despite what he told the Australian People in Parliament on 30th September 2010 - the second reading speech for the Airports Amendment Bill 2010 giving effect to the National Aviation Policy Statement.

A “Public Safety Area” is a defined area immediately at the ends of runways at high use airports where
development is effectively forbidden. It is designed to protect persons on the ground and in aircraft from
the known high risk of aircraft arrival and departure accidents near runways ends, for example, aircraft
overrunning / undershooting the runway on take off and landing. To lessen the identified significant risk to
the public, state legislation requires there should be no increase in the number of people living, working or
congregating in these areas and/or the accumulation of obstacles such as vegetation, (trees), buildings,
vehicles, machinery, and signage etc. All such obstacles present a safety hazard to people on the ground as
well as aviation.

The National Aviation Policy Statement states “The Australian Government proposes working with State
Territory and Local Governments and Industry Stakeholders to undertake a detailed examination of Public
Safety Areas in the vicinity of airports” advising that this would substantially improve aviation and
community safety.

Without any consultation with users, the Airport Leasing Company, Archerfield Airport Corporation
failed to give the necessary community notice about the proposed development on their website nor did
they make an application to the Federal Building Control Officer as required by law and self-approved
their own development plan in the “Public Safety Area” of the main runway of Archerfield Airport
The Minister despite being sent a safety report and a letter from the lawyers of Archerfield Airport
Chamber of Commerce Inc advising of the safety issues in the “public safety area” and that this required
his immediate attention acted contrary to what he told the Australian People he would do.

On 1st April 2011 acting on behalf of Minister Anthony Albanese, the section head of Airports responded
with correspondence that admitted the development was within the “Public Safety Area” and despite what
he had told the Australian public, confirmed that the Federal Government would disregard the State
Government “Public Safety Area” legislation.

Further the Minister failed to do anything to stop inappropriate development in non-compliance with other
safety laws designed to protect the airport putting lives at risk and further degrading the airport. CASA
also needs to be brought to account to show why it is pasting over safety issues for the Federal

This is despite Minister Albanese stating on the record when opening CASA’s new Brisbane Headquarters
“And Nothing, I repeat nothing, is as important in aviation as safety”…. But Archerfield Airport is now
dangerous because of what he failed to do.

The Archerfield Airport Draft Master Plan, currently the subject of a Ministerial decision by Mr Albanese
to either approve or reject the draft plan proposes that the entire “Public Safety Area” on airport land be
developed mainly as industrial land, contrary to Queensland State Planning Laws and safety.

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A Technical Appraisal of Air Operations from Runway 28R/10L National Aviation Policy Statement- Page 174 ( 2.5mb)
Queensland State Planning Policy 1/02 – Development in the Vicinity Links: ( 137kb)
Minister Albanese’s Speech Opening of CASA Building Brisbane ( 17kb)
Hansard - House of Representatives 30.9.2010 ( 34kb)

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